Commercial Checking Accounts

Business Non-Interest Bearing


Basic Business

Small Business

Medium Business

Large Business

Monthly Fee





Online Access to Account Information

Internal Transfers

Internal Loan Payments

Print and View Statements (up to 2 months)

Add or Delete Users

Originate ACH (Tax, Payroll, and Direct Payments)

(up to 30 monthly)

(up to 100 monthly)

(unlimited monthly)

Wire Transfers

(up to 1 monthly)

(up to 2 monthly)

(up to 10 monthly)

Business Interest Bearing


Money Market Account

Now Account


Paper Statement

$1.00 Fee

$1.00 Fee

Internet Banking

Mobile Banking

Debit/ATM Card

Monthly Flat Fee



Amount to Avoid Fee



* Who can have NOW accounts:
  1. Individuals
  2. Sole Proprietorships
  3. Non-Profit Organizations—even if it is a corporation
  4. Government Units
* Who cannot have NOW accounts:
  1. Partnerships
  2. Credit Unions and other mutual depository institutions
  3. Mutual Insurance companies
  4. Crop Financing organizations
  5. Organizations created to function as part of a qualified group legal service plan
  6. Farmers’ cooperatives
  7. Any organizations operated for profit