Magnolia Main Branch

122 N. Main St.
Magnolia, OH 44643

Phone: 330.866.9392
Fax: 330.866.2208

Personal Banker & Consumer Lender
Michael Greer
NMLS 1529849

Canton South Branch

3221 Cleveland Ave. SW
Canton, OH 44707

Phone: 330.484.7400
Fax: 330.484.7413

Consumer & Commercial Lender
Rocco Serafini
NMLS 732887
(Executive Vice President)

East Sparta Branch

10045 Cleveland Ave. SE
Magnolia, OH 44643

Phone: 330.866.9326
Fax: 330.866.5573

Charity Stenger


For your convenience, Canton South and Crossroads Plaza have ATMs open 24 hours a day.

Board of Directors

Kevin Greer (Chairman)

Augustus Elson (Director)
Kristine Fellows (Director)
Jane Lauritzen (Director
Dave Cornet (Director)
Rocco Serafini (Director)

Corporate Officers

Kevin Greer (President and CEO)

Rocco Serafini (Executive Vice President)

Lisa Bernower (COO and Secretary)

Ashley Neading (CFO and Treasurer)

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